Important Days in Octomber 2020 In INDIA

You all know that India is a festival going country. This year, October 2020 has many such festivals which are popular. That is why today’s post has been made on the important days in October 2020 National and International.

Important Days in Octomber 2020

Important Days in Octomber 2020 List

  • 02 octomber 2020 (Friday): – Mahatma Ghandhi Jayanti
  • 17 octomber 2020 (Saturday): – Start Of Navratri
  • 23 octomber 2020 (Friday): – Durga Ashtami
  • 25 octomber 2020 (Sunday): – Vijaya Dashmi Dussehra
  • 29 octomber 2020 (Thursday): – Id-E-Milad
  • 30 octomber 2020 (Friday): – Sharad Purnima
  • 31 octomber 2020 (Saturday): – Valmiki Jayanti
  • 31 octomber 2020 (Saturday): – Meerabai Jayanti
  • 31 octomber 2020 (Saturday): – Sardar Patel Jayanti

Details Of Important Days in Octomber 2020

There are many such days in this october 2020 which are memorable anywhere in India, so there are some details about them which you can read below.

Mahatma Ghandhi Jayanti Few Details

02 octomber 2020 (Friday) Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year on 2 October. Because Mahatma Gandhi was born on this day. Gandhiji believed in non-violence, hence this day is considered as World Ahimsha Day bhi. He gave freedom to the country, hence after his urine, this day is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti.

Start Of Navratri Few Details

17 octomber 2020 (Saturday) Navratri is a Hindu festival. Navratri is most celebrated in the Indian state of Gujarat. The word Navaratri originated from the Sanskrit language which means “nine nights” in Hindi. On this day, Maa Sakti is worshiped and garba is performed all over the place. The tenth day is called Dussehra.

Durga Ashtami Few Details

23 octomber 2020 (Friday) In Navratri, 8 days are known as Chaitra Ashtami, old aged monks believe that this day is considered as the day of Kuldevi and is offered worship and food. Kali, Mahakali, Bhadrakali are worshiped.

Vijaya Dashmi Dussehra Few Details

25 octomber 2020 (Sunday) Navaratri is celebrated during the days of Mother Durga. On this day, Lord Rama killed Ravana and Mother Durga fought for nine nights and conquered the Mahishasura demon, this Vijayadashami is celebrated as the victory of this truth.

Id-E-Milad Few Details

29 octomber 2020 (Thursday) The Muslim community celebrates this day of Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Saheb with great respect and respect. And they remember him because he was the first and the last person to give the message of Quran.

Sharad Purnima Few Details

30 octomber 2020 (Friday) According to the saints of Hinduism, on this day, the nectar is inoculated by the rays of the moon. Sarad Purnima is also known as Kojagari Purnima. According to astrology, this is the only day in the whole year on which the moon is filled with sixteen arts.

Valmiki Jayanti few details

31 octomber 2020 (Saturday) Valmiki who wrote the Ramayana. Valmiki was born on the full moon day of Ashwin month, hence that day is known as Valmiki Jayanti.

Meerabai Jayanti few details

31 octomber 2020 (Saturday) mirabai ne lifetime shrikrushna ki bhati ki thi. koi itihas to nahi hai lekin sharad purnima ko mirabai jayanti ke divas manaya jata hai

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti Few Details

31 octomber 2020 (Saturday) It is considered as the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Sardar Patel had merged more than 575 settlements and made India a nation. This day is also celebrated as national unity.

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