Anime Champions Simulator codes – July 2024

Anime Champions Simulator codes
Anime Champions Simulator codes (Image via: Bura ACS)

Anime Champions Simulator is a popular Roblox game that brings together characters from various anime worlds. Players can redeem special codes to get free rewards, such as diamonds, summons, luck boosts, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Anime Champions Simulator codes as of July 2024.

Current Codes for July 2024

Here are the latest working codes for Anime Champions Simulator:

  • SummerHype: Redeem for 20 Cosmic Summons (New)
  • SummerSoon: Redeem for 100 Rune Dust, 1k Diamonds, and Boosts (New)
  • Happy4th: Redeem for a Galaxy 1 Summon, a Galaxy 2 Summon, a Raid Chest Key, 3 Luck Boosts, 50 Premium Medals, 100 Rune Dust, and 100 Scarps (New)
  • WeekendBonus: Redeem for 20 Cosmic Summons (New)
  • FreeDevPack: Redeem for a free Pack
  • LetsGoGalaxy3: Redeem for 20 Cosmic Summons
  • oTMApology: Redeem for free Cosmic Summons and 5 Luck Boosts
  • G3Hype: Redeem for 100 Rune Dust, 1k Diamonds, and Boosts
  • Galaxy3Soon: Redeem for a Galaxy 1 Summon, a Galaxy 2 Summon, a Raid Chest Key, 3 Luck Boosts, 50 Premium Medals, 100 Rune Dust, and 100 Scarps
  • Alpha1: Redeem for free Cosmic Summons and 5 Luck Boosts
  • IAmAtomic: Redeem for 100 Rune Dust, 1k Diamonds, and Boosts
  • LastChanceXP: Redeem for 1k Diamonds, Free season Pass, Raid Chest Key, XP, and Luck Boosts
  • FeedbackTY: Redeem for 1k Diamonds, a Galaxy 2 Summon, a Halloween Summon, a Damage Boost, a Luck Boost, 150 Rune Dust, and 150 Scrap
  • DailyQuest5: Redeem for 1k Diamonds, Raid Chest Key, and Luck Boost
  • 200Million: Redeem for a Galaxy 2 Summon Capsule, Galaxy 1 Summon Capsule, and Orb Enhancer, and Diamonds
  • 150kLikesTY: Redeem for Cosmic Summon, 1,000 Diamonds, Scrap, Dust, and Potions
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These codes provide players with a variety of benefits, such as in-game currency and items to aid their progress.

How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming codes in Anime Champions Simulator is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Roblox and launch Anime Champions Simulator.
  2. Go to the main menu and click on the shopping cart icon.
  3. Look for the Twitter icon and click on it.
  4. Enter the code in the provided text box and click “Redeem”.
  5. The rewards will be added to your account immediately.

Expired Codes

Some previously active codes have now expired. These include:

  • NinjaWarUpdate
  • FeedbackTY
  • LuckBoosts
  • 200Million
  • AddedSkins
  • 150kLikesTY
  • DailyQuest4
  • Update17
  • SeasonPassBuff
  • DailyQuest5
  • NEWDungeons
  • SlimeUpdate
  • LastChance
  • MissingEggs
  • Sheeple
  • NewPass
  • 170kFaves
  • EasterSunday
  • HappyEasterACS
  • 10kPlay
  • Ultrainstinct
  • OrbEnhanced
  • Survey
  • GiveMeAstral
  • DailyQuest3
  • Punch
  • PatchSunday
  • DailyQuest2
  • OrbLuckBuff
  • Update13
  • CloverPower
  • DailyQuest
  • DungeonBuff
  • DungeonShudown
  • Update12
  • VirtualDungeon
  • HappyNewYear
  • JingleBells
  • HappyHoliday
  • RandomShutdownCode
  • ShutdownBackInTown
  • FreeWilly
  • MageWarrior
  • SafetyFirst
  • LagBeGone
  • EclipseUpdate
  • Galaxy2Hype
  • ThisIsFine
  • SorryTourney
  • 100kFaves
  • thanks50mil
  • WaitingGiantsTM
  • WOW100Mil
  • QuestFix
  • DeathBall
  • Scrappy
  • Tournaments
  • Gigantic
  • TYBurger
  • GiveMeLuck
  • PatientZero
  • WinterIsComing
  • TurnDown4What
  • ACSFoodEvent
  • GiveMeLuck
  • TurkeyDay
  • EightLegs
  • SevenUp
  • shutdown7052
  • shutdown705
  • ExtraDaily
  • TrickOrTreat
  • HappyHalloween
  • Chainsaws
  • GiveMeDPS
  • SawbladeRaid
  • StayClassy
  • WoodBall
  • SpookyGremlins
  • FreeKeys
  • raidbuff
  • towerstuff
  • update3
  • updateshutdown
  • MeltedIcecream
  • oTMSaveUs
  • update2
  • updatedelay
  • shutdown3
  • 100thousand
  • update1
  • shutdown2
  • shutdown1
  • 1million
  • release
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Troubleshooting Code Redemption

If a code isn’t working, it could be due to several reasons:

  • Expiry Date: Some codes expire over time. Use them as soon as possible.
  • Case Sensitivity: Codes are case-sensitive. Enter them exactly as provided.
  • Redemption Limit: Codes can typically be redeemed once per account.
  • Regional Exclusions: Some codes may only be available in certain regions.

By following these steps and keeping the latest codes handy, you can enhance your Anime Champions Simulator experience and progress faster in the game. Stay updated with new codes by checking trusted sources regularly.

Additional Tips

For the best experience, consider playing Anime Champions Simulator on a PC using BlueStacks. This can provide a lag-free gaming experience and help you redeem codes more efficiently.

Anime Champions Simulator continues to engage players with its dynamic gameplay and regular updates. Make sure to take advantage of these codes to get the most out of your gaming experience.

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