Anime Last Stand codes – May 2024

Anime Last Stand codes
Anime Last Stand

Are you searching for Anime Last Stand codes for May 2024? Look no further. This guide is designed to help players like you get the most out of the game. Anime Last Stand codes can provide a significant advantage, allowing you to defeat enemies and level up faster.

In this guide, we will share the latest Anime Last Stand codes for May 2024. We will also explain how to use these codes and what benefits they offer. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, this guide has something for everyone.

How to redeem Anime Last Stand codes

Wondering how to use Anime Last Stand codes? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Start Roblox on your device.
  2. Open the Anime Last Stand game.
  3. Look for the ‘codes’ button and click on it.
  4. Type in your code in the provided field.
  5. Click on the ‘redeem’ button to apply the code.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your rewards!
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All Anime Last Stand codes

Code Reward
BossStudiosTakeover! 1500 emeralds, 15 rerolls, 15 spirit shards
ToTheFuture!! 1500 emeralds, ten rerolls
500kMembersLETSGOO 1.5k emeralds, 14 rerolls, one reset tree
400kMembersLETSGOO 1.5k emeralds, 12 rerolls, one reset tree, ten spirit shards
BugFixesTeehee 1k emeralds, five rerolls
BossStudio1stUpd 1000 emeralds, five rerolls
EraOfTheAdmirals 1000 emeralds
Update5! 1000 emeralds, ten rerolls
HappyEaster 1k emeralds, ten spirit shards, ten rerolls
Update5! 1k emeralds, ten spirit shards, ten rerolls
UPDATE4 1k emeralds, 15 rerolls
GrindRerollsFromChallenges! 1k emeralds
Update3 1k emeralds, ten rerolls
ConverterFix?! 750 emeralds, ten rerolls
REDGATE?! 750 emeralds, ten rerolls
QOLUPD! 750 emeralds, ten rerolls
DelayedUpdate 750 emeralds, ten rerolls
AdmiralsUPD 750 emeralds
GlitchFix 750 emeralds, ten spirit shards
X7Weekend! 500 emeralds, five rerolls (new!)
SOLOPREPARING! 500 emeralds, five rerolls
BannerFixed? 500 emeralds, five rerolls
CaleBTheHero 500 emeralds, ten rerolls
OPMUpdate 500 emeralds, five rerolls
Goodbye Mash 500 emeralds
TorSavedALS 70 emeralds, ten rerolls
CongratsMrBeast1Billion April fools unit
TheGoat The trio unit
FUSIONEVOLUTION 20 spirit shards
2xDropsUpdateSOONHype! Ten rerolls
AriseWakeyWakey 15 rerolls
Sub2Noclypso176k 150 emeralds, three rerolls
D1SGUISED 250 gems
Glitched Five spirit shards, five rerolls
NeelsTV 250 gems
Sub2BmGTormenter117onYT 250 gems
Sub2KingLuffy 250 gems
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Expired Anime Last Stand codes:

  • 200kMembersINSANE!
  • 50ThousandsFavorites!!!
  • ALSUpdate2YutaHype
  • ALSUpdateIsCooking
  • BackupMinatoMustBeSubbedtoTorToWork
  • BigUpdateWednesday
  • BlamSecretValentinesCode
  • BlamSpotInsaneWeekendCodeMustBeSubbedToWork
  • BlamSpotsOP75MillVisitCodeMustBeSubbedToWork
  • BlamSpoyYTSecretUnitCodeMustBeSubbedToWork
  • Blams100kFavoritesCode
  • BlamsOP5MillionVisitsRerollCodeMustBeSubbedToWorkLOL
  • BlamsSecretMiniUpdateMustBeSubbedToWork
  • evolvethis
  • HanminloveSecretCodeMustBeSubbedToWork
  • PortalBugFixes
  • Real
  • SkillTreeRestALPHAReportAnyBugs
  • SorryForDelayAndMaintenance
  • Sub2Blamspot524k
  • Sub2CodeNex77k
  • ThankYouSoMuch45mVisits
  • ToadBoi120k
  • TYFor25mVisitsOMG!
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Anime Last Stand FAQ

What is Anime Last Stand Codes

In essence, Anime Last Stand codes are unique codes that players can redeem in the game for various rewards. These rewards range from emeralds to rerolls, and sometimes even exclusive units. The game developers typically release these codes, and players can find them on different platforms such as social media or gaming forums. Now, let’s shift our focus to the Anime Last Stand codes for May 2024. These are the latest codes that you can use in the game.

How to get More Anime Last Stand codes?

Anime Last Stand codes are like keys to hidden treasures in the game. But how do you get more of these keys? Let’s find out.

The best way to get the latest Anime Last Stand codes is to keep an eye on the developer’s Twitter account (@Shockz_Dev). The developers often share new codes on this platform. So, following them can give you a head start in getting the latest codes.

Another great place to find new codes is the official Anime Last Stand Discord server. This is a community of players where new codes are often shared. Joining this server can keep you updated with the latest codes and other game-related news.

And don’t forget, our website is also a great resource for the latest Anime Last Stand codes. So, make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

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What is Anime Last Stand?

Anime Last Stand is a popular game that you can play on the Roblox platform. It was launched on February 3rd, 2024. This game is a tower defense game where you have to protect your base from waves of enemies by placing different characters.

In Anime Last Stand, you can summon towers from the banner, evolve them, and invest resources into them to make them even stronger. The game features a wide variety of anime characters, each of which can serve as a powerful unit in your army. It also offers extensive customization options, with skill trees and techniques that allow you to fine-tune your units.

There are several game modes available. You can work together with friends to complete story missions, or compete against others to get your name on the leaderboards. The game also features techniques that can provide significant buffs to your units.