Anime Realms Simulator codes – June 2024

Anime Realms Simulator codes
Anime Realms Simulator codes (Image via: Voxer – Anime Realms)

Anime Realms Simulator, a popular game on Roblox, offers players the chance to explore anime-inspired worlds and battle enemies. On June 1, 2024, a fresh batch of codes was released, providing an opportunity for players to gain valuable in-game rewards such as gems. These codes can greatly enhance your gameplay experience by offering free gems and other goodies, which can save you time and money.

Active Anime Realms Simulator Codes

Here’s a list of currently active codes and their respective rewards:

  • thanks5klikes – 1,300 Gems
  • zezindeveffects2024 – 500 Gems
  • karmaiscrazy – 500 Gems
  • 2.5klikes – 500 Gems
  • sub2daemontvz – 100 Gems
  • 100kvisits – 500 Gems
  • sub2dharzion – 250 Gems
  • sub2marablox – 300 Gems
  • DobbiyBlox – 850 Gems
  • Release – 400 Gems

These codes can be used to gain significant advantages in the game, from acquiring rare items to speeding up progress​​.

Expired Codes

Unfortunately, not all codes last forever. Here are some that have expired:

  • update1_sorryforshutdown
  • sorryshutdown!1
  • sorryforshutdowns850
  • sorryforshutdowns3
  • iloveyouguys

If you attempt to redeem these, you won’t receive any rewards, so focus on the active codes​​.

How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming codes in Anime Realms Simulator is straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the game on your device.
  2. Click the Twitter bird icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter the code in the provided text box.
  4. Click the Redeem button to claim your rewards.
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If the code is active, you’ll receive your gems immediately. If not, double-check for typos or try rejoining the game to ensure you’re on an updated server​​.

How to Find More Codes

To keep your gem stash full, stay connected with the game’s community. Here are some tips:

  • Join the Official Discord: New codes are often posted first on the game’s Discord server.
  • Follow on Social Media: Keep an eye on the official Twitter and other social media channels for announcements.
  • Bookmark Reliable Sources: Websites like India Network News and Jankari News regularly update their code lists. Bookmark these pages and check back frequently for new codes​​.

Troubleshooting Code Issues

Sometimes, codes might not work as expected. Here are some common issues and solutions:

  • Typos: Ensure you enter the code exactly as it appears. Copy and paste if possible.
  • Expired Codes: Codes have expiration dates. Use them as soon as you find them.
  • Case Sensitivity: Some codes are case-sensitive. Make sure to match uppercase and lowercase letters correctly.
  • Server Issues: If a code doesn’t work, try rejoining the game or switching to another server​​.

When Are New Codes Released?

New codes are typically released during major game updates, special events, or to apologize for server issues. Developers often reward the community when the game hits milestones like a certain number of likes or visits. Keep an eye on the game’s announcements for the latest updates​

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