Apex Legends Brings Back Popular Control Mode for Limited Time

Apex Legends Brings Back Popular Control Mode for Limited Time
Apex Legends Brings Back Popular Control Mode for Limited Time (Image via: @PlayApex Twitter Handle)

Apex Legends fans have something exciting to look forward to this weekend. The game’s popular Limited Time Mode (LTM), Control, is making a return. This announcement was made via a tweet from the official Apex Legends account, creating a buzz among players eager to jump back into this intense, action-packed mode.

Control mode, introduced during Season 12: Defiance, has become a fan favorite. It offers a unique gameplay experience where two teams of nine players each battle to capture and hold control points on the map. Unlike the traditional battle royale mode, Control allows players to respawn infinitely, adding a fast-paced dynamic that emphasizes team coordination and strategy.

What is Control Mode?

Control is a 9v9 mode where players must capture and hold specific areas on the map to earn points. The mode encourages continuous action since players can respawn after being eliminated, making it different from the standard single-life format of Apex Legends. Teams are split into three squads of three players each, and communication is key to securing victory.

The objective is to reach a score limit of 1500 points. Points are earned by holding control points, with bonuses for holding multiple points simultaneously. This setup creates intense battles as teams vie for dominance across the battlefield.

Features and Strategies

Control mode introduces several new features designed to enhance gameplay. Timed Events, such as Airdrops and Capture Bonuses, add layers of strategy by shifting the focus of battles to different areas of the map. Additionally, a new Ratings system helps players track their performance. Completing objectives like capturing zones and eliminating enemies increases a player’s rating, which also speeds up the charge time for their ultimate abilities.

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Choosing the right Legends is crucial in Control. Legends with mobility and area control abilities, such as Octane, Bangalore, and Wattson, often excel in this mode. For example, Octane’s speed can be used to quickly capture points, while Bangalore’s smoke can provide cover during captures. Wattson can set up defensive perimeters around control points to fend off attackers.

Community Response and Anticipation

The return of Control mode has been met with enthusiasm from the Apex Legends community. Players are eager to test their skills in this high-energy mode and to try out new strategies and Legend combinations. Many are discussing their preferred Legends for Control on social media, with some debating the best tactics for dominating the battlefield.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, have continuously worked to keep the game fresh and engaging with regular updates and new content. Bringing back Control mode is part of their strategy to offer varied gameplay experiences and cater to different play styles within the community.