Bopl Battle: A Spotlight Deal on Steam

Bopl Battle: A Spotlight Deal on Steam
Bopl Battle: A Spotlight Deal on Steam (Image via: Steam X Handle)
Steam, the popular digital distribution platform, has announced a spotlight deal. The deal is on the game “Bopl Battle”. This game is now available at a 40% discount.

“Bopl Battle” is a fun game. It is a couch/online game. You can battle your friends as a goofy slime. The game has wild and unique abilities. The last slime standing wins.

The game was announced on March 16th. It took six years to make. The game’s demo was released on August 11th. The game was made by one person, Jahan Gronvall. It is the ninth most active demo on Steam.

The game has a new patch. The patch is 2.1.0. It has new features, balance changes, and bug fixes. You may have to restart steam to get it to update. Make sure you aren’t playing with someone on 2.0.XX because it will lead to issues.

In the game, slimes can now eat other slimes if they are much larger. There are also revive nerfs. The respawn particle speed has been reduced from 40 to 30. The revive point is now always forced into level bounds. A respawning player can now be attacked during the spawn animation.

“Bopl Battle” is a game where you can attach a rocket engine to platforms to send them flying away. You can cover the stage in flammable smoke. You can create a black hole and make it swallow the whole stage. You can use a growth ray to permanently enlarge anything, including arrows, grenades, other players, even the stage itself. You can stop time and setup a deadly situation for all of your enemies as they are frozen.

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You can grab the stage and move it around. You can invent your own strategy with a unique ability combination. You can create platform + control platform + attach big sword onto platform. You can create flammable smoke + throw grenade + turn into an invincible rock.

The combos get even wilder in the team vs team mode. You can cooperate with someone to really push the game to its limit.