Fortnite Introduces New Point and Strut Emote

Fortnite Introduces New Point and Strut Emote
Fortnite Introduces New Point and Strut Emote (Image via: @FortniteGame X Handle)

June 2, 2024 – The world of Fortnite, the renowned online video game, just got a little more exciting. A new emote, named “Point and Strut”, has been added to the Fortnite item shop. The news was announced on Fortnite’s official Twitter account.

The tweet that introduced the emote read, “Slidin’ into the lobby like. The Point and Strut Emote is in the Shop!” The dance moves for the emote were credited to Guilherme Serrano Keita and the music to LXNGVX.

The Point and Strut emote is a part of the Icon Series in Fortnite. This series is known for featuring emotes, skins, and other items inspired by popular musicians, streamers, and personalities from the entertainment industry.

The Fortnite community has been buzzing with excitement since the release of the new emote. Players are eager to use the new emote in the game. Videos showcasing the new emote have already started appearing on various social media platforms.

Fortnite is no stranger to dance-related emotes. The game has a wide range of emotes, many of which are inspired by popular dance moves. These emotes add a fun element to the game and allow players to express themselves in unique ways.

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The addition of the Point and Strut emote to the Fortnite item shop shows the game’s commitment to providing fresh and exciting content for its players. With this new emote, players now have another way to celebrate their victories and interact with each other in the game.