Jing Joins Fortnite Crew in June: A Fresh Start for Players

Jing Joins Fortnite Crew in June: A Fresh Start for Players
Jing Joins Fortnite Crew in June: A Fresh Start for Players (Image via: Fortnite X Handle)

May 28, 2024 – Fortnite, the popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, has announced that a new character, Jing, will join the Fortnite Crew subscription service starting in June. This announcement was made via a tweet from the official Fortnite account stating, “It’s time for a clean slate. Jing joins Crew in June.”

The addition of Jing marks another exciting chapter for Fortnite players. Jing is part of the Operatic Vengeance set and comes with multiple unlockable styles, giving players the chance to personalize their in-game experience​​. Jing’s outfit is designed to provide a fresh aesthetic, embodying the theme of a new beginning.

What is Fortnite Crew?

Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription service that offers players a bundle of exclusive benefits. For a monthly fee of $11.99, subscribers receive a new skin, access to the current season’s Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, and additional cosmetic items. This subscription is designed to provide great value for regular players who enjoy keeping their collections updated​​.

What’s Included in June’s Crew Pack?

In June’s Crew Pack, players will receive:

  • Jing Outfit: The highlight of the pack, featuring various unlockable styles.
  • Chapter 5, Season 3 Battle Pass: Automatically included for subscribers.
  • 1,000 V-Bucks: Added to the player’s account each month.
  • Additional Cosmetics: These typically include items like back blings, pickaxes, and loading screens​.

How to Subscribe and Manage Your Subscription

Players can subscribe to Fortnite Crew through the in-game Item Shop or Battle Pass purchase screen. The subscription is linked to the platform on which it was purchased and can be canceled at any time. Even after cancellation, players retain all previously awarded items and V-Bucks until the end of the billing period​​.

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Player Reactions and Expectations

The community’s response to the announcement has been largely positive. Fortnite’s monthly Crew Packs have been well-received due to the exclusive content and value they offer. With the introduction of Jing, players are excited to see the new styles and items that will enhance their gameplay experience.

Fortnite’s ongoing updates and new content releases continue to keep the game fresh and engaging. The addition of characters like Jing and the benefits of the Fortnite Crew subscription ensure that players have a steady stream of new experiences to look forward to.