Meet Talzur: The Winged Horror in V Rising on PS5

Meet Talzur: The Winged Horror in V Rising on PS5
Meet Talzur: The Winged Horror in V Rising on PS5 (Image via: @PlayStation)

On June 11, 2024, the much-anticipated survival action-RPG “V Rising” will be released on PS5. The game developers at Stunlock Studios have recently shared details about one of the game’s formidable bosses: Talzur, the Winged Horror. This announcement was highlighted in a recent tweet by PlayStation.

Talzur the Winged Horror is a significant enemy in “V Rising.” This creature is a powerful griffin-like monster that players will face in the game. Talzur resides at The Dreaded Peak, an imposing location in the far eastern corner of the Farbane Woods. Reaching this peak requires players to first acquire the Bat Form ability, allowing them to fly to Talzur’s lair.

To defeat Talzur, players must be well-prepared. Talzur is a level 78 V-Blood boss, meaning that players must have gear of at least level 78. Talzur uses a range of attacks that make the battle challenging. Early in the fight, Talzur uses a Flying Firebreath attack, setting the ground ablaze and launching fireballs in various directions. Players must avoid these fireballs to prevent severe damage and then take advantage of the brief moments when Talzur is vulnerable on the ground​.

As the battle progresses, Talzur introduces new attacks, including the Frostbreath, which can freeze players and leave them open to further attacks. This frost attack is telegraphed by a blue mist and a roar from Talzur, giving players a brief window to dodge. Talzur also uses a Bombing Run, dropping fireballs from the sky that can spawn Giant Crows, adding another layer of difficulty to the fight​​.

Players need to employ a mix of ranged and melee tactics to defeat Talzur. Using ranged attacks like arrows or crossbow bolts can help maintain a safe distance while dealing damage. Additionally, powerful abilities such as the Chaos Valley and Rain of Bolts can inflict burning effects on Talzur, weakening the boss over time. Defensive abilities like Barrier Spells are crucial for blocking some of Talzur’s more devastating attacks​​.

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Defeating Talzur rewards players with the Frost Vortex ability, a powerful area-of-effect spell that deals significant magic damage and pulls enemies towards the center, making it easier to control groups of enemies in future battles​.

“V Rising” is set to offer an engaging and challenging experience for players when it arrives on PS5. With its complex boss fights and deep mechanics, players will need to be strategic and well-prepared to survive in this dark, vampire-filled world.