New Monster Hunter Wilds Game Announced with Exciting Features

Monster Hunter Wilds Game
Monster Hunter Wilds Game (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

On June 13, 2024, during PlayStation’s State of Play event, Capcom revealed thrilling details about their upcoming game, Monster Hunter Wilds. This new installment in the beloved Monster Hunter franchise promises to enhance the gameplay experience with fresh features and dynamic environments​.

Evolving the Franchise

Monster Hunter Wilds introduces a host of new elements that elevate the classic hunting gameplay. Players can look forward to facing new monsters, wielding versatile weapons, and exploring treacherous environments. The game features 14 iconic weapon types, each with new actions. For example, the Great Sword and Heavy Bowgun have received notable updates​​.

New Gameplay Mechanics

One of the standout features is the introduction of Focus Mode. This mode allows players to have more precise control over their actions, making it easier to target a monster’s weak points. Another new addition is the Hook Slinger, which lets players collect items from a distance and perform contextual actions​​.

Monsters and Mounts

Players will encounter various new monsters, each with unique behaviors and habitats. Notable creatures include the Ceratonoth, which uses its dorsal horns to protect its herd from lightning, and the herbivorous Dalthydon, which changes its habitat depending on the season. The game also features a new mount called the Seikret. This nimble creature helps players navigate the vast environments and can even assist in combat​​.

Dynamic Environments

The game is set in the Forbidden Lands, a vast and unexplored region. The environment in Monster Hunter Wilds is designed to be immersive and dynamic, with ecosystems and weather events that change over time. For example, the Windward Plains feature a violent sandstorm known as Sandtide, which adds a layer of challenge to the hunts​.

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Cinematic Storytelling

Capcom aims to blend a compelling narrative with gameplay seamlessly. The story revolves around a hunter appointed to the Forbidden Lands Research Commission. Players will meet various characters, including a Palico companion and a guild-appointed handler named Alma, who provides quest information and support throughout the journey​.

Release Information

While the exact release date has not been announced, Monster Hunter Wilds is set to launch in 2025 on PlayStation 5 and PC. The developers have promised more updates and detailed breakdowns of the game’s new features in the coming months​.