New Palworld Character Knocklem Released

New Palworld Character Knocklem Released
New Palworld Character Knocklem Released (Image via: @Palworld_EN X Handle)

On July 1, 2024, Palworld announced the release of a new Pal character named Knocklem through their official Twitter account. Knocklem, listed as entry No. 094 in the Paldeck, is unique because it can be disassembled into 215 parts and reassembled. This feature adds an interesting dynamic to the gameplay, allowing players to explore different strategies and interactions within the game.

Knocklem is a Ground-type Pal that stands out due to its ability to disassemble and reassemble itself. Even if its parts are scattered, it can come together again and continue functioning. However, mixing parts from different individuals can lead to malfunctions due to mistaken identity. Knocklem is designed with burlesque armored hands and hoofed feet, giving it a knight-like appearance. This adds to the game’s visual and strategic appeal.

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game developed by Pocketpair. In this game, players can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called “Pals.” These Pals can fight, build, farm, and work in factories, providing a rich and varied gameplay experience. The Sakurajima update, released on June 27, 2024, introduced several new features, including new Pals like Knocklem.

The update brought enhancements to the game, such as new raid bosses, quality of life improvements, and more. The release of Knocklem as part of this update has generated excitement among the Palworld community. Players are eager to explore the new possibilities that this character brings to the game.

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Knocklem’s ability to disassemble into multiple parts opens up new strategic options for players. This feature can be used both defensively and offensively, making Knocklem a versatile addition to any player’s team. For instance, players can use Knocklem’s parts to create distractions or to launch surprise attacks. Additionally, its reassembly ability ensures that it remains a resilient and enduring Pal in battles.

The Palworld community has responded positively to the introduction of Knocklem. Fans have taken to social media to share their excitement and to speculate on the various ways Knocklem can be utilized in the game. The detailed design and unique abilities of Knocklem have been praised, highlighting Pocketpair’s commitment to creating engaging and innovative content for their players.