New Palworld Paldeck Entry: Robinquill Terra

New Palworld Paldeck Entry: Robinquill Terra
New Palworld Paldeck Entry: Robinquill Terra (Image via: @Palworld_EN)

Palworld, the popular creature-collecting game, has added a new entry to its Paldeck. The latest addition, Robinquill Terra (Paldeck No. 087), is a unique creature known for its human-like characteristics and its ability to hunt in rocky areas. This exciting update was announced by Palworld’s official Twitter account yesterday.

Robinquill Terra is part of a series of creatures called “Pals,” which players can collect, train, and battle within the game. This Pal is classified under the Grass/Ground elements, setting it apart from its primary form, Robinquill, which is purely a Grass-type Pal. Robinquill Terra’s distinctive traits and abilities make it a versatile addition to any player’s team.

Characteristics and Abilities

Robinquill Terra is noted for its remarkable similarity to humans, which is evident in both its appearance and behavior. It thrives in rocky environments, using its natural abilities to hunt and gather resources. This Pal is especially adept at utilizing its elemental advantages in both exploration and combat within the game’s diverse environments.

Robinquill Terra possesses a variety of skills that make it valuable in multiple scenarios:

  • Active Skills: Include abilities like Wind Cutter, Aqua Gun, Seed Machine Gun, Bubble Blast, Grass Tornado, Spine Vine, and Solar Blast. These skills enhance its combat effectiveness, particularly against specific elemental adversaries.
  • Work Suitability: Robinquill Terra excels in planting, generating electricity, handiwork, gathering, and medicine production. These capabilities allow players to use Robinquill Terra not just in battles but also in improving their bases and resource management.

Gameplay and Strategy

To maximize Robinquill Terra’s potential, players should leverage its Grass/Ground type in strategic battles. Its ability to retaliate when attacked makes it a formidable defender. Moreover, Robinquill Terra’s passive skills and partner skills, like the Blessing of the Flower Spirit, provide healing benefits by using medicinal flowers to restore the player’s health.

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In Palworld, managing and breeding Pals is a crucial aspect of gameplay. Robinquill Terra can be bred to create unique variants, enhancing specific traits and abilities desirable in various gameplay scenarios. Players can also benefit from its regular drops, such as the Beautiful Flower, which is essential for crafting and other in-game activities.

Community Reception

The introduction of Robinquill Terra has generated excitement within the Palworld community. Fans appreciate the depth and variety it adds to the game, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The new entry has also sparked discussions on optimal strategies and team compositions to best utilize this Pal’s unique abilities.

For those eager to see Robinquill Terra in action, Palworld has released a full version video showcasing this new Pal on their official YouTube channel. This visual guide provides insights into Robinquill Terra’s capabilities, making it easier for players to integrate this Pal into their gameplay effectively.