New Sci-Fi Shooter ‘Concord’ Announced by PlayStation

New Sci-Fi Shooter 'Concord' Announced by PlayStation
New Sci-Fi Shooter ‘Concord’ Announced by PlayStation (Image via:

PlayStation has just announced an exciting new game titled “Concord,” a 5v5 first-person shooter (FPS) set to release on PS5 and PC later this year. The announcement was made through a teaser trailer during the PlayStation Showcase, sparking anticipation among gamers.

“Concord” is being developed by Firewalk Studios, a team made up of industry veterans, including former Bungie developers who worked on iconic games like “Destiny” and “Halo.” This is Firewalk Studios’ first game under the PlayStation banner after being acquired by Sony in April 2023​​.

The game promises to deliver a unique multiplayer experience that fosters connection and social play. According to the developers, every session in “Concord” will offer new adventures and opportunities for storytelling, thanks to its vibrant worlds and colorful characters.

Gameplay and Features

While specific gameplay details are still scarce, the teaser trailer provides a glimpse into the game’s retro-sci-fi aesthetic. It shows a spaceship navigating through space, hinting at the game’s interstellar setting. The developers have described “Concord” as a game that brings people together, emphasizing the power of multiplayer games to create shared experiences​.

“Concord” will be a live-service game, which means it will likely feature ongoing updates and new content post-launch. This approach aligns with PlayStation’s strategy to expand its live-service offerings over the next few years​​.

Development Team

Firewalk Studios is led by Ryan Ellis, a former creative director at Bungie. The studio includes talent from other top FPS studios like Respawn Entertainment and Treyarch, known for games like “Apex Legends” and “Call of Duty” respectively. This wealth of experience suggests that “Concord” could become a standout title in the competitive FPS genre.

Release and Expectations

“Concord” is scheduled for release before the end of 2024 on both PS5 and PC. However, it will not be available on last-gen consoles like the PS4. The game’s development and release schedule seem to be on track, as reaffirmed by recent updates from Sony​​.

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Fans of sci-fi shooters and multiplayer games have a lot to look forward to with “Concord.” The game’s combination of a talented development team, a compelling vision for social play, and a rich sci-fi universe sets high expectations for its launch later this year.