Palworld and Craftopia: A Steam Sale Not to Miss

Palworld and Craftopia: A Steam Sale Not to Miss
Palworld and Craftopia: A Steam Sale Not to Miss (Image via: Palworld X Handle)

On April 4, 2024, Palworld, the popular game developer, announced a Steam sale. The sale is not just for one game, but two! Yes, you read it right. Palworld and Craftopia are both up for grabs in one bundle.

The announcement came from Palworld’s official Twitter handle. It was a surprise for many. The tweet was simple and to the point. It said, “Grab Palworld and Craftopia together in one bundle!” The excitement didn’t stop there. If you already own one game, the other will be discounted.

The sale ends on Monday, June 3rd at 10am (PT). So, don’t miss it. This is a golden chance for all the gamers out there. The link to the Steam Store Page was also shared in the tweet.

Now, let’s talk a bit about these games. Palworld is a new game under development. It has exceeded the development team’s expectations in sales. Craftopia, on the other hand, announced a major update on June 23rd. Thanks to everyone’s support for the success of Craftopia, the team is now able to take on the next challenge.

The developers have faced many challenges due to excessive access congestion. But they are prioritizing improving this issue first. Then they will move on to implementing new in-game features. This shows the commitment of the team towards providing a smooth gaming experience.

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In Wrap-up, this Steam sale is a great opportunity. You can get two amazing games in one bundle. And if you already own one, you get a discount on the other. So, mark your calendars for June 3rd. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal. Happy gaming!