PUBG Mobile Announces Huge Rewards and New Features Coming Soon!

PUBG Mobile Announces Huge Rewards and New Features Coming Soon!
PUBG Mobile Announces Huge Rewards and New Features Coming Soon! [Image via: Pubg Mobile Twitter]

PUBG Mobile, a game loved by many, has shared some exciting news on their Twitter account, @PUBGMOBILE. They have announced a big reward of more than 80,000 UC for their players. UC, or Unknown Cash, is the in-game currency in PUBG Mobile that players can use to buy various items in the game.

This big reward is part of a special event where players can pre-order RPA7 from May 10 to May 17. Pre-ordering means that players can book RPA7 in advance before it is available for everyone.

But the rewards don’t stop at UC. PUBG Mobile is also bringing new things for the players to enjoy. One of these is a new outfit called the Nightscape Gladiator. This outfit has a custom color which means it will be unique and different from other outfits in the game.

Another new thing coming to the game is a Victory Dance. This is a special dance that players can do in the game when they win a match. It’s a fun way to celebrate your victory and show off to other players.

The pre-order event will also introduce the first WOW exclusive Shadow Blade Finish. A finish in PUBG Mobile is a special effect that players can use on their weapons. The Shadow Blade Finish is exclusive, which means it will only be available for a limited time.

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To pre-order RPA7 and get a chance to win these rewards, players can visit the official PUBG Mobile website. The link to the website was shared in the tweet.

The tweet also used the hashtags #PUBGMRPA7, #PUBGM7thDance, and #PUBGMOBILEC6S18. These hashtags are like labels that players can use to find more information about the event on social media.

This news has made PUBG Mobile players very excited. They are looking forward to the pre-order event and the chance to win the big rewards. With so many new things coming to the game, the event is expected to be very popular among the players.

So, if you are a PUBG Mobile player, mark your calendar for May 10 to May 17 and don’t miss out on this exciting event! Stay tuned for more updates on this event from PUBG Mobile.