PUBG Mobile Bans Over 389,000 Accounts and 10,828 Devices for Cheating

 PUBG Mobile Bans Over 389,000 Accounts and 10,828 Devices for Cheating
PUBG Mobile Bans Over 389,000 Accounts and 10,828 Devices for Cheating (Image via: @PUBGMOBILE X Handle)

PUBG Mobile announced on July 8, 2024, that they have taken major actions against cheating in their game. From June 28 to July 4, 2024, they permanently suspended 389,257 accounts and 10,828 devices. These measures are part of their ongoing efforts to keep the game fair and enjoyable for all players.

During week 26 of their monitoring, PUBG Mobile also removed 1,331 online cheat ads. These ads had accumulated 1,269,044 followers and views. The game’s developers are committed to ensuring a level playing field by taking down these cheat ads and banning accounts involved in cheating.

Cheating: A Persistent Problem

Cheating has been a significant issue in many online games, including PUBG Mobile. Cheaters use various methods like hacks, aimbots, and other unfair tools to gain an advantage over other players. This ruins the experience for honest players and damages the game’s reputation.

PUBG Mobile’s Anti-Cheat Measures

PUBG Mobile has a dedicated team to combat cheating. They use advanced technologies and systems to detect and ban cheaters. The game regularly updates its anti-cheat measures to stay ahead of new cheating techniques. The permanent suspension of accounts and devices is a clear message that cheating will not be tolerated.

The community plays a crucial role in the fight against cheating. Players are encouraged to report any suspicious activity they encounter. PUBG Mobile has made it easy to report cheats through their in-game system and their official website. The link provided in their tweet directs players to a detailed report on their anti-cheat measures and a platform to report cheats.

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Impact on the Game

The removal of over 389,000 cheating accounts and nearly 11,000 devices is a significant step towards a fair gaming environment. These actions not only improve the game for current players but also attract new players who seek a fair and competitive gaming experience.

Many players have expressed their support for these actions on social media. They appreciate the efforts made by PUBG Mobile to maintain the integrity of the game. However, some players believe that more needs to be done to completely eliminate cheating.

PUBG Mobile has assured its community that it will continue to fight against cheating. They regularly update their systems and introduce new measures to catch and ban cheaters. The developers also engage with the community to get feedback and improve their anti-cheat strategies.