PUBG Mobile Introduces New Upgradable Firearm: Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) – AKM

PUBG Mobile Introduces New Upgradable Firearm: Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) - AKM
PUBG Mobile Introduces New Upgradable Firearm: Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) – AKM (Image via: PUBG MOBILE X Handle)

PUBG Mobile has just released an exciting new addition to its arsenal. The Dual Form Upgradable Firearm, Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) – AKM, is now available for players. This update was announced on June 2, 2024. Players can now collect both Gilt Sets to unlock the final form of this powerful weapon.

The Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) – AKM is part of PUBG Mobile’s continuous efforts to enhance the gaming experience. This new firearm is not just a visual upgrade but also comes with significant performance enhancements, making it a must-have for enthusiasts. The design is inspired by divine and lunar themes, offering both aesthetic appeal and tactical advantages on the battlefield.

Features of the New Update

The release of the Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) – AKM is part of PUBG Mobile’s latest update, which brings a host of new features and improvements to the game. The 3.2 update, known as the Mecha Fusion update, introduces new modes and items that elevate the overall gameplay experience.

1. Mecha Fusion Mode:

  • This new mode brings large, pilotable robots into the game. Players can control both aerial and ground-based mechas, adding a new dimension to combat.

2. Jetpacks and Aerial Combat:

  • Jetpacks have been introduced, allowing players to engage in aerial combat. This addition provides dynamic movement and strategic advantages from the skies.
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3. New Weapons and Items:

  • Alongside the Lightshift Temple AKM, new weapons like the Magnet Gun and Flare Gun have been added. The Magnet Gun is particularly notable for its ability to pull mechas closer, offering unique tactical options.

4. Self-Rescue Feature:

  • A new self-rescue feature lets players revive themselves after being knocked down, which can be a game-changer in critical situations​​.

Player Engagement and Community Involvement

PUBG Mobile continues to engage its community with creative events and contests. The Global Firearm Finish Design Contest 2023 is one such initiative where players can submit their own firearm designs. Winners have a chance to see their designs featured in the game and can win cash prizes and exclusive in-game items​​.

Additionally, the game’s developers are working on improving various aspects of the game, including bot behavior and the matchmaking system. These enhancements aim to provide a more balanced and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels​​.

How to Get the Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) – AKM

Players can unlock the Lightshift Temple (Divine Moon) – AKM by collecting the two Gilt Sets. This process involves participating in events and completing challenges within the game. Once both sets are collected, the final form of the AKM is unlocked, providing players with a powerful and visually stunning weapon.

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To stay updated and participate in these events, players can visit the official PUBG Mobile website and follow their social media channels. The game’s latest updates and detailed patch notes can also be found there, ensuring that players don’t miss out on any new features or improvements.