PUBG Mobile Teams Up with Dragon Ball Super for an Epic Collaboration

PUBG Mobile Teams Up with Dragon Ball Super for an Epic Collaboration
PUBG Mobile Teams Up with Dragon Ball Super for an Epic Collaboration (Image via: @PUBGMOBILE X Handle)

In a thrilling development, PUBG Mobile has announced a major collaboration with the popular anime series, Dragon Ball Super. The announcement was made on PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account.

The tweet stated, “Prepare for ultimate fusion with Dragon Ball Super! Coming June 7th!” This news has created a buzz in the gaming and anime communities.

This collaboration is part of the eagerly awaited 2.7 version update in July 2023. It aims to merge the intense battle royale action with the iconic world of Dragon Ball Super.

Both PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super are hugely successful titles with dedicated fan bases worldwide. This innovative collaboration seeks to captivate players by seamlessly integrating two universes in the game.

This historic partnership, first revealed in August 2022, marks Dragon Ball Super’s first collaboration with a mobile-only game. PUBG Mobile has a successful history of collaborating with internationally recognized anime and animated media.

One of the most anticipated features of this collaboration is the addition of beloved Dragon Ball Super characters in PUBG Mobile. Players can assume the roles of iconic characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and others, each with their unique skills and powers.

Players will discover exclusive costumes, accessories, and weapon skins meticulously designed to reflect the series’ unique aesthetics. These items will allow players to personalize their in-game avatars with classic Dragon Ball Super elements, adding a personal touch to their battle royale experience.

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This update may also introduce a variety of new power-ups and dramatic transformations inspired by the Dragon Ball Super series. Players can also find Dragon Balls scattered across the map that can be collected to gain temporary boosts or unlock powerful transformations in the game.

Players can expect to explore and battle in recognizable and iconic Dragon Ball Super locations such as Capsule Corp and even the mythical hyperbolic time chamber in the 2.7 version update. These beautifully designed landscapes will not only evoke many memories but also provide strategic advantages and thrilling battles for players.

This collaboration is scheduled to launch in 2023. The social media post features the PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super logos, accompanied by a poster for the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

Based on the images, it appears that the Dragon Ball franchise is partnering with PUBG Mobile to promote Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This partnership is to celebrate the global release of the new film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

It’s currently unclear what the collaboration will include, though it’s likely to be themed around the film specifically. This collaboration promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for gamers.

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