PUBG Mobile’s Homebuilding Competition Nears Its End

PUBG Mobile's Homebuilding Competition Nears Its End
PUBG Mobile’s Homebuilding Competition Nears Its End (Image via: PUBG MOBILE X Handle)

PUBG Mobile players have only a few days left to participate in the exciting Homebuilding Competition, which offers unique rewards for creativity. Launched as part of the new Version 3.1 update, the competition challenges players to construct and design their own virtual homes within the game. Participants who successfully complete their entries can earn an exclusive outfit for their falcon companion, enhancing their in-game experience.

The competition, which began earlier this month, has attracted a significant number of players eager to showcase their creativity. The Home mode is part of the latest update that allows players to build and customize personal homes on their private islands. This new feature adds a relaxing and creative dimension to the otherwise action-packed gameplay of PUBG Mobile.

How to Participate

To enter the competition, players need to access the Home tab in the World of Wonder (WoW) interface. From there, they can start building their homes using a variety of styles and furniture options available in the Home Shop. Players can also purchase ready-made blueprints if they prefer a quicker setup, but customization remains a key aspect of the competition​​.

After completing their home designs, players must submit their entries through the event page and can use hashtags like #PUBGMHOME and #PUBGMOBILEC6S18 to promote their creations on social media. Although social media promotion does not affect the evaluation, it helps gather votes and recognition from the community​​.

Features of Home Mode

The Home mode isn’t just about building; it’s about creating immersive experiences. Players can interact with various elements within their homes, such as planting a magical Home Tree to earn daily rewards, and engaging with Home Butlers for efficient home management. The mode also includes features like setting exclusive background music, customizing camera angles, and decorating with personal photos to create a truly unique space​​.

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Additionally, players can connect with friends by visiting each other’s homes, leaving messages, and exchanging gifts, fostering a sense of community within the game​.

Rewards and Incentives

One of the main attractions of the Homebuilding Competition is the exclusive outfit for the falcon companion. This reward is highly coveted by players as it not only enhances their character’s appearance but also symbolizes their creative achievements within the game. Other rewards include Home Coins, which can be used to purchase more decorative items from the Home Shop​​.

Moreover, players who complete home missions or achieve success in ranked classic mode can earn additional rewards to further enrich their home customization experience. The competition aims to encourage creativity and social interaction, providing a calm and engaging complement to PUBG Mobile’s usual fast-paced action​​.