Riot Games Announces Liga Republika: P1 Million Prize Pool Sets New Esports Milestone

Riot Games Announces Liga Republika: P1 Million Prize Pool Sets New Esports Milestone
Riot Games Announces Liga Republika: P1 Million Prize Pool Sets New Esports Milestone [Image via: thebrandhopper]

In a groundbreaking move, Riot Games has announced the launch of Liga Republika, a new esports tournament in the Philippines. The news came out on April 29, 2024, promising an exciting future for League of Legends enthusiasts in the country.

The tournament is not just any ordinary event. It’s a massive step forward in the competitive scene of esports, especially for the game League of Legends. Riot Games is known for its commitment to the gaming community, and this time, they have upped the ante by offering a whopping one million pesos in prize money.

Liga Republika 2024 is set to welcome an impressive 384 teams from across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. This number surpasses last year’s Empyrean Cup, which had a 256-team field. The increase in the number of teams means more opportunities for players to showcase their skills and compete at a higher level.

Joel Guzman, the country manager of Riot Games Philippines, expressed his excitement about the tournament. He said, “Liga Republika reinforces our commitment to the Philippine esports and gaming community.” He believes that the success of last year’s Empyrean Cup has reignited the League of Legends community in the country. The rebranding to Liga Republika is expected to sustain the momentum gained and elevate the esports scene in the Philippines to new heights.

The tournament will kick off in May with the Kickoff Invitational, featuring the top eight teams from the Empyrean Cup. The top four teams from this invitational will earn a spot in the group stage. Following this, registration will open in June, and the open qualifiers will run from July to August. More than 300 teams will battle it out for the 12 group slots.

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The group stage is scheduled for August, and the playoffs will follow in September. The grand finale will be an offline event, where the top eight teams will compete in front of a live audience. This LAN event promises to be a spectacle, with the champion team taking home the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Kimi Salazar, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) brand manager of Riot Games Philippines, also commented on the launch. She mentioned that the league aims to foster a sense of pride, identity, and belonging among players. The evolution from the Empyrean Cup to Liga Republika is a testament to Riot Games’ dedication to providing a league that players can proudly call their own.

The announcement of Liga Republika has been met with great enthusiasm from the gaming community. It’s seen as a significant investment in the future of Philippine esports. With a larger field of teams and a substantial prize pool, the tournament is poised to become a landmark event in the region.

As the tournament approaches, players and fans alike are gearing up for what promises to be an unforgettable esports experience. Liga Republika is not just a tournament; it’s a celebration of skill, teamwork, and the spirit of competition. It’s a platform where new legends will be born and where the best of the best will rise to the challenge.

With Riot Games at the helm, Liga Republika is sure to be a success. The company’s track record in organizing top-notch esports events is well-known, and Liga Republika is expected to be no different. The Philippine esports community is buzzing with anticipation, and all eyes are on May when the action begins.

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In conclusion, Liga Republika is more than just a tournament; it’s a movement. It’s a clear signal that the Philippines is ready to take its place on the global esports stage. With Riot Games’ support, the future of esports in the country looks brighter than ever. Let the games begin!