Save Big on Police Simulator: Patrol Officers with Steam’s Spotlight Deal

Save Big on Police Simulator: Patrol Officers with Steam's Spotlight Deal
Save Big on Police Simulator: Patrol Officers with Steam’s Spotlight Deal (Image via: Steam X Handle)

On June 20, 2024, Steam announced a special spotlight deal offering a 35% discount on “Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.” This game, developed by Aesir Interactive and published by Astragon Entertainment, allows players to experience the daily life of a police officer in the fictional city of Brighton. The deal is part of Steam’s ongoing efforts to provide gamers with access to popular titles at reduced prices.

About Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

“Police Simulator: Patrol Officers” is a simulation game where players take on the role of law enforcement officers. The game offers a detailed and immersive experience, letting players handle various tasks such as issuing parking tickets, responding to accidents, and making arrests. The game also features a dynamic traffic system, day and night cycles, and a progression system where players unlock new districts and duties as they advance in their careers.

New Highway Patrol Expansion

On June 18, 2024, a significant update was released for the game called the Highway Patrol Expansion. This update adds a new district, Brighton Highway, where players can perform tasks such as high-speed monitoring, cargo checks, and car theft chases. It also introduces new vehicles, including the vintage Interstate Police Vehicle and the high-tech Endurance Police Vehicle, equipped with a car-stopping snare net​.

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Gold Edition Release

Alongside the Highway Patrol Expansion, the Gold Edition of “Police Simulator: Patrol Officers” was also launched. This edition includes the base game and several DLCs, providing a comprehensive package for new players. The Gold Edition is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, and Xbox One​.

The community has had mixed reactions to these new additions. While many players appreciate the expanded content and new challenges, others have expressed concerns about existing bugs and issues in the game. Some players have voiced their frustration over the lack of frequent updates and fixes, which they believe should be prioritized over new content. Despite these concerns, the game maintains a loyal following who enjoy its realistic and detailed portrayal of police work​​.

With the current 35% discount on Steam, now is an excellent time for new players to try out “Police Simulator: Patrol Officers” and for existing players to expand their experience with the new Highway Patrol Expansion. This spotlight deal provides an opportunity to dive into the life of a Brighton police officer, tackling new challenges and exploring new areas within the game. For more information and to take advantage of this deal, visit the Steam store page.

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