Shakes and Fidget codes (July 2024)

Shakes and Fidget codes
Shakes and Fidget codes (Image via Playa Games)

Shakes and Fidget, an MMORPG, offers players a variety of codes to unlock special rewards. These codes can significantly enhance your gaming experience by providing free items such as mushrooms, gold, lucky coins, and hourglasses. This guide will walk you through the steps to redeem these codes and offer tips on how to stay updated with new ones.

How to Redeem Shakes and Fidget Codes

Redeeming codes in Shakes and Fidget is a simple process. Follow these steps to unlock your rewards:

  1. Open the Game: Launch Shakes and Fidget on your device.
  2. Access the Menu: Tap the Menu icon on the game screen.
  3. Navigate to Mushrooms: In the new window that appears, click on the Mushrooms button.
  4. Enter the Code: Scroll down and tap on the Cash Coupon button. Enter the code in the text area provided.
  5. Redeem Your Reward: Click the “Give Me the Bonus” button to receive your rewards immediately.

These steps ensure you receive the benefits of the latest codes quickly and efficiently.

Active Shakes and Fidget Codes

As of July 2024, several codes are active and can be used to claim various rewards.

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New Codes:

    • EZEKIAH-T97J: Redeem for rewards
    • PROTEX-H23G: Redeem for rewards
    • RAIDBOSSNUNU-SDP1: Redeem for rewards
    • N3UTR4L-B29L: Redeem for rewards
    • RAJMOND-Y57N: Redeem for rewards
    • DOMCAOFFICIAL-KMCQ: Redeem for 25 Mushrooms, 125 Lucky Coins, and 1 Epic Item
    • CHAZE-BM28: Redeem for 25 Shrooms, 125 Lucky Coins, and 1 Epic Item
    • ZSOMBEY-B5R6: Redeem for rewards

Other Active Codes:

    • PROTEX-EU12: Redeem for rewards
    • RUDI361-EU12: Redeem for rewards
    • ZSOMBEY-EU12: Redeem for rewards
    • CHAZE-EU12: Redeem for rewards
    • DOMCAOFFICIAL-EU12: Redeem for rewards
    • RAIDBOSSNUNU-EU12: Redeem for rewards
    • RUDI361-X3DR: Redeem for rewards
    • RAIDBOSSNUNU-DKUT: Redeem for rewards
    • HELNORMANDY-D61A: Redeem for rewards
    • RAIDBOSSNUN-DKUT: Redeem for rewards
    • N3UTR4L-OVMZ: Redeem for rewards
    • IDIOTA-PKBQ: Redeem for rewards
    • DOMCAOFFICIAL-EQ7T: Redeem for rewards
    • CHAZE-CTMN: Redeem for rewards
    • PROTEX-4FN9: Redeem for rewards
    • ZSOMBEY-8FPJ: Redeem for rewards
    • LABORDAY2024: Redeem for rewards
    • N3UTR4L-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • RAIDBOSSNUNU-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • WAVES-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • CHAZE-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • RUDI361-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • ZSOMBEY-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • DOMCAOFFICIAL-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • RAJMOND-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • HELNORMANDY-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • PROTEX-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • IDIOTA-EU11: Redeem for rewards
    • UGTFOOLD: Redeem for rewards
    • ZSOMBEY-S8R2: Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 Lucky Coins
    • PROTEX-V9L3: Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 Lucky Coins
    • DOMCAOFFICIAL-W4D8: Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 Lucky Coins
    • N3UTR4L-T2A8: Redeem for 25 Shrooms and 125 Lucky Coins
    • STPATRICK: Redeem for 200 Lucky Coins
    • FUSION22: Redeem for rewards (only works on old fusion servers)
    • DISCORDANNIVERSARY5: Redeem for rewards
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Be sure to enter the codes exactly as they appear, including any special characters and case sensitivity, to avoid errors.

Why Use Shakes and Fidget Codes?

Shakes and Fidget codes provide a variety of in-game benefits. They can help you progress faster by giving you resources like mushrooms, which are essential for various upgrades and activities within the game. Gold and lucky coins can be used to purchase items and boost your character’s stats, while hourglasses allow you to speed up time-based activities.

Using these codes is especially beneficial for new players, as it provides a significant boost at the start of the game. For experienced players, these rewards can help in maintaining and enhancing their gameplay experience.

Where to Find New Codes

New codes for Shakes and Fidget are frequently released by the game developer, Playa Games. These codes can often be found on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Discord. Codes are typically released during special events, milestones, and updates. To ensure you don’t miss out, follow the game’s official channels and frequently check websites dedicated to Shakes and Fidget updates.

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Tips for get more Codes

  1. Bookmark Reliable Websites: Websites like India Network News and Jankari News regularly update lists of active Shakes and Fidget codes.
  2. Follow Social Media Channels: Keep an eye on the game’s official social media accounts for announcements of new codes.
  3. Join Gaming Communities: Engage with other players on forums and community groups where codes and tips are often shared.
  4. Enable Notifications: If available, enable notifications for posts and updates from the game’s social media accounts to receive instant alerts for new codes.