Steam Announces 70% Off Deal on “Session: Skate Sim”

Steam Announces 70% Off Deal on "Session: Skate Sim"
Steam Announces 70% Off Deal on “Session: Skate Sim” (Image Via: Steam X Handle)

Steam, the popular digital game distribution platform, has announced an exciting new deal for gamers. On May 21, 2024, Steam tweeted about a major discount on the game “Session: Skate Sim.” Gamers can now purchase this game at a 70% discount. This offer is part of Steam’s “Spotlight Deal” campaign, which aims to provide great savings on popular games.

“Session: Skate Sim” is a skateboarding simulation game. It is known for its realistic gameplay and challenging mechanics. Players can perform various tricks and stunts, similar to real-life skateboarding. The game has received positive reviews for its detailed graphics and authentic skateboarding experience.

What is “Session: Skate Sim”?

“Session: Skate Sim” was developed by Crea-ture Studios. It was released in September 2021. The game offers a unique experience compared to other skateboarding games. Instead of focusing on arcade-style gameplay, “Session: Skate Sim” aims to simulate real skateboarding. The controls are designed to mimic the movement of a skateboarder’s feet. This makes the game more challenging but also more rewarding for players who master it.

Players can explore various environments in the game. These include urban landscapes inspired by real-life skate spots. The game also features a comprehensive customization system. Players can customize their skateboards and characters. They can also record and share their best tricks and lines with the community.

Positive Reviews and Community Support

“Session: Skate Sim” has built a strong community since its release. Many players appreciate the game’s dedication to realism. The developers have also been active in updating the game. They listen to player feedback and make improvements based on it. This has helped the game maintain a positive reputation.

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Reviewers have praised the game for its detailed physics and graphics. The realistic controls offer a different experience from other skateboarding games. Some players find it difficult at first, but many enjoy the challenge. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they land complex tricks.

Why This Deal is Significant

The 70% discount makes “Session: Skate Sim” more accessible to a wider audience. The original price of the game is $39.99. With the discount, it is now available for just $11.99. This is a significant saving for gamers looking to try out a new skateboarding game.

Steam often offers discounts on games, but a 70% discount is notable. It shows that Steam is committed to providing value to its users. These deals can attract new players and boost the game’s community.

How to Get the Deal

The deal is available on Steam’s website and app. Interested gamers can visit the “Session: Skate Sim” page on Steam. There, they will find the discounted price. The deal is likely time-limited, so players should act quickly to take advantage of it.