Still Wakes the Deep Launches Tomorrow on PS5: A Claustrophobic Horror Inspired by Real Fear

Still Wakes the Deep Launches Tomorrow on PS5: A Claustrophobic Horror Inspired by Real Fear
Still Wakes the Deep Launches Tomorrow on PS5: A Claustrophobic Horror Inspired by Real Fear (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

“Still Wakes the Deep,” a new narrative horror game from The Chinese Room, is set to launch tomorrow, June 18, 2024, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This highly anticipated release also features a physical copy for PS5, available at launch alongside the digital version​.

Set in 1975 on an offshore oil rig off the coast of Scotland, “Still Wakes the Deep” immerses players in a first-person horror experience. The game is inspired by the real-life claustrophobia of one of its developers, which adds a personal touch to the eerie atmosphere. Players step into the shoes of Caz McLeary, an oil rig worker fighting for his life amidst a vicious storm and the dark, freezing waters of the North Sea​​.

The story begins when a catastrophic event hits the rig, cutting off all lines of communication and sealing all exits. Players must navigate the perilous surroundings, face an unknowable horror, and search for their crew members. With no weapons or special powers, survival depends on wits, stealth, and environmental puzzles​.

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“Still Wakes the Deep” promises an intense and immersive experience, highlighted by its authentic cast of Scottish actors and detailed world-building. The game captures the beauty and ferocity of the sea, bringing to life the tension and dread of being trapped in a crumbling structure amidst a storm​​.

The Chinese Room, known for acclaimed titles like “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” and “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture,” has crafted a game that combines action, fear, and emotional depth. Inspired by iconic horror stories like John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and Jeff Vandermeer’s “The Southern Reach Trilogy,” the game delivers a symphony of trepidation and awe​.

A new trailer, showcased at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2024, offers a glimpse into the game’s harrowing environment and the horrors lurking within the Beira D oil rig. This trailer sets the tone for the game’s release, giving players a taste of the nightmarish experience that awaits them​​.

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For fans of the horror genre and immersive storytelling, “Still Wakes the Deep” is a must-play. The game will be available on Game Pass for console and PC, ensuring broad accessibility for gamers eager to dive into this chilling adventure​.

As the countdown to release ends, the anticipation for “Still Wakes the Deep” continues to build. With its unique blend of personal fear and professional storytelling, this game is set to become a standout title in the horror genre. Get ready to face the unknown horrors of the deep, starting tomorrow.