The Mythic CBR4 – Amoeba Returns to Call of Duty Mobile

The Mythic CBR4 - Amoeba Returns to Call of Duty Mobile
The Mythic CBR4 – Amoeba Returns to Call of Duty Mobile (Image via: @PlayCODMobile X Handle)

On June 21, 2024, Call of Duty: Mobile announced the return of the Mythic CBR4 – Amoeba in their store through their official Twitter handle. Players are excited as this unique weapon skin makes its comeback, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional enhancements.

The Mythic CBR4 – Amoeba is part of the game’s extensive collection of mythic and legendary skins. Known for its striking design, the Amoeba features a living organism encased in a blue, organic-looking weapon. This skin is not just about looks; it also comes with a special kill effect. When you eliminate an enemy with this weapon, a carnivorous plant emerges and consumes the target, adding a touch of horror to the game​​.

What Comes with the Mythic CBR4 Draw?

The return of the Mythic CBR4 is part of the new Season 10 update in Call of Duty: Mobile. This update brings several new items and enhancements. Here are the key additions in the latest draw:

  1. Legendary CBR4 – Amoeba: The main attraction, known for its unique design and special effects.
  2. Epic Operator – Codename: Lazarus: A new character skin to diversify your roster.
  3. Epic Backpack – Ortelius Containment: A stylish and practical addition to your in-game inventory.
  4. Epic Axe – Archtoxin: A weapon skin that matches the organic theme of the Amoeba.
  5. Gas Grenade – Archtoxin: Another item in the Archtoxin series.
  6. Ak117 – Archtoxin: A gun skin that complements the theme.
  7. Legendary Calling Card – Ortelius Lockdown: For those who like to showcase their achievements.
  8. Legendary Charm – Bio Experiment: A small yet significant customization item.
  9. Helicopter – Archtoxin: An epic vehicle skin.
  10. Epic Emote – Rejoice Within: An emote to express victory in style​​.
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The inclusion of mythic and legendary skins in Call of Duty: Mobile is a significant factor in the game’s popularity. These skins offer more than just visual upgrades; they often come with special effects, unique animations, and additional in-game benefits. The Mythic CBR4 – Amoeba, for instance, transforms a standard SMG into a visually stunning and highly functional weapon, enhancing the gameplay experience for users.

The CBR4 – Amoeba stands out among other mythic weapons due to its design and in-game performance. It is particularly favored for its high fire rate and damage output, making it a formidable choice in battles. The aesthetic of a live organism within the weapon and its terrifying kill effect make it a fan favorite. Players enjoy showcasing such unique items, which often become a symbol of prestige and skill within the game community​.

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Call of Duty: Mobile’s developers continuously engage players by introducing new content. The return of the Mythic CBR4 – Amoeba is part of their strategy to keep the game fresh and exciting. Regular updates and the introduction of new skins, operators, and weapons ensure that players have something to look forward to, maintaining high levels of player engagement and satisfaction.