The Return of Mythic DL Q33: Lotus Flames in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Return of Mythic DL Q33: Lotus Flames in Call of Duty: Mobile
The Return of Mythic DL Q33: Lotus Flames in Call of Duty: Mobile (Image via: @PlayCODMobile X Handle)

May 31, 2024 – Exciting news for Call of Duty: Mobile fans! The highly anticipated Mythic DL Q33 – Lotus Flames sniper rifle has made a triumphant return to the game. The announcement came via a tweet from the official Call of Duty: Mobile account, sparking excitement among players eager to get their hands on this coveted weapon.

The Mythic DL Q33 was first introduced in January 2023 during the Lunar New Year celebrations. This weapon quickly became a fan favorite due to its stunning design and powerful performance. The DL Q33 is known for its precision and high damage, making it a top choice for players who excel in long-range combat.

The Return of a Fan Favorite

In Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile, Activision decided to bring back the Mythic DL Q33 as part of the new lucky draws. This season is packed with exciting updates and new content, including other legendary weapons and characters. The return of the DL Q33 – Lotus Flames is part of the Flaming Lotus Mythic Drop, which includes various flame-themed items and operator skins​​.

How to Unlock the Mythic DL Q33

Players can obtain the Mythic DL Q33 through the lucky draw system in Call of Duty: Mobile. This system requires players to spend CP (Call of Duty Points), the in-game currency, for a chance to win the weapon. Each draw costs CP, and while the chances of winning the top prize are initially low, the probability increases with each successive draw as items are removed from the pool once won. This means dedicated players will eventually secure the DL Q33, though it may require a significant investment of CP​.

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The Flaming Lotus Mythic Drop also features other items that complement the DL Q33, such as the Naga – Destined Destroyer Operator Skin and other flame-tinged gear. These items not only enhance the visual appeal of the player’s loadout but also offer unique animations and effects that set them apart from standard equipment.

Season 5 Highlights

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 is shaping up to be one of the most content-rich updates yet. Alongside the return of the Mythic DL Q33, the season introduces several new legendary blueprints for weapons like the Krig 6, Swordfish, and PKM. There are also new epic characters and items available through various lucky draws​​.

Players can look forward to the new Spiteful, Fierce, Bone, and Bloodweep draws, each featuring a unique set of rewards. For example, the Spiteful draw includes a legendary Krig 6 and an epic PP19 Bizon, while the Bloodweep draw offers a legendary PKM and an epic Oden​​.

The announcement of the Mythic DL Q33’s return has generated a buzz in the Call of Duty: Mobile community. Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement, sharing strategies and tips on how to best utilize the weapon. The DL Q33’s return is seen as a major highlight of Season 5, and many players are eager to see how it performs in the current meta.

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