Treasure Hunt Simulator codes (July 2024)

Treasure Hunt Simulator codes
Treasure Hunt Simulator codes (Image via: @HenryDev)

July 20, 2024 – “Treasure Hunt Simulator” is a popular game on Roblox where players dig for hidden treasures. This month, new codes are available that offer various rewards to enhance your gameplay.

All Active Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes

Here are the current active codes you can use for rewards like coins, gems, and crates:

  • dino – 100 Coins
  • magma – 10 Crates
  • volcano – 1 Rebirth & 1000 Gems
  • heart – 1 Rebirth & 1000 Gems
  • jailcity – 1 Rebirth & 1000 Gems
  • intel – 100 Coins
  • v2update – 500 Coins
  • freerubies – 500 Gems
  • launch – 3000 Gems
  • martian – 1 Rebirth & 300 Gems
  • godly – 5 Sacred Hat Crates
  • moon – 1 Rebirth & 500 Gems
  • finally – 1 Rebirth & 300 Gems
  • 200million – 2 Rebirths & 200 Gems
  • 400klikes – 500 Gems
  • medieval – 1 Rebirth & 1 Sacred Hat Crate

How to Redeem Codes

To redeem these codes, follow these steps:

  1. Open “Treasure Hunt Simulator” on Roblox.
  2. Click on the blue Twitter icon on the left side of your screen.
  3. Enter the code in the “Type Code Here” box.
  4. Press the “Redeem” button.
  5. Enjoy your rewards!
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About Treasure Hunt Simulator codes

“Treasure Hunt Simulator” allows you to dig through various sites to find buried treasures. The more coins you collect, the better tools and items you can buy, like upgraded shovels, backpacks, and even pets. Using these codes can help you progress faster in the game by providing valuable items and bonuses.

Players often look for new codes to get an edge in the game. Codes are updated frequently, so it’s a good idea to check regularly for the latest ones. Apart from the excitement of finding treasures, these codes add an extra layer of fun and advantage to your gaming experience.

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