Unveiling New Beasts: Monster Hunter Wilds Releases Exciting Trailer

Unveiling New Beasts: Monster Hunter Wilds Releases Exciting Trailer
Unveiling New Beasts: Monster Hunter Wilds Releases Exciting Trailer (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

June 1, 2024 – The gaming world is abuzz with the release of a new trailer for the highly anticipated game, Monster Hunter Wilds. This trailer introduces us to two new monsters – the beastly Doshaguma and the amphibious Chatacabra.

The Doshaguma is a formidable creature. It belongs to the Fanged Beast-type monsters. Known for its size and strength, it is also highly territorial and can exhibit aggressive behavior. There have been instances where large packs of this monster have been spotted.

On the other hand, the Chatacabra is an Amphibian-type monster. It has an intriguing appearance, resembling a cross between a gorilla and a toad. It has a unique ability to use adhesive saliva to attach ore and other substances to its forelegs, which it uses to strengthen itself.

The trailer was unveiled on May 30, 2024, as part of Sony’s May State of Play 2024 event. It provides a deeper insight into the game’s gameplay, story, locales, and monsters.

Monster Hunter Wilds is set in the Forbidden Lands. The player character, who is customizable, leads a crew of monster hunters. They sail across a desert to explore this uncharted territory. For the first time in the series, the player character will be capable of speaking during cutscenes.

The player character is accompanied by their Palico, a hunter’s trusty Felyne sidekick. The Palico provides support during hunts and will also be speaking dialogue for the first time during hunts and cutscenes.

Other companions include Alma, a Guild Handler who assigns your hunting quests, manages your supply items, and provides info during hunts. There’s also Gemma, a blacksmith from the Research Commission who forges your weapons and armor. A mysterious young boy named Nata also accompanies the player.

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The game promises a vibrant ecosystem of monsters. These monsters act independently to survive in these harsh environments. Hunters can expect to immerse themselves in this ecosystem.

The game is being developed by Capcom. The gaming community is eagerly awaiting the release of Monster Hunter Wilds.