Valorant Beta Coming to PS5 on June 14

Valorant Beta Coming to PS5 on June 14
Valorant Beta Coming to PS5 on June 14 (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

On June 14, 2024, Riot Games will launch a limited beta for Valorant on PlayStation 5. This beta release marks the first time the popular tactical shooter, which has been a significant hit on PC, will be available on consoles.

Riot Games has provided details on what players can expect from this beta. The game will feature unique agent abilities and maps tailored for the PS5. To access the beta, interested players need to visit the official PlayStation website, where they can find more information and sign-up details.

Valorant is known for its tactical gameplay, where players control agents with unique abilities. The game includes several modes, such as the traditional 5v5 mode, Spike Rush, Swiftplay, Competitive, and the recently introduced Team Deathmatch. Each mode offers a different way to experience the game’s strategic depth and fast-paced action.

The release of Valorant on PS5 has been highly anticipated. Riot Games had previously hinted at console versions through job postings for roles such as Associate Console Playtest Analyst, indicating ongoing development efforts for consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X​. This move to console aims to broaden the game’s reach and provide console players with the same immersive experience that PC players have enjoyed since its release in 2020.

One of the exciting aspects of the PS5 beta is the adaptation of the game’s mechanics to console controls. This includes optimizing the use of agent abilities and ensuring smooth gameplay. Riot Games has worked to ensure that the transition from PC to console does not compromise the game’s competitive integrity.

The PS5 version of Valorant will include a variety of agents, each with their unique skills and playstyles. Maps will also be designed to provide an engaging and balanced gameplay experience. This beta period will help Riot Games gather feedback from players to refine the game further before a full release​​.

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Riot Games has also released new content for Valorant, such as the “NO LIMITS” weapon skin bundle. This bundle, released on June 15, features designs inspired by Tokyo’s Shibuya district and includes weapon skins, a gun buddy, and a player card. This content adds more customization options for players and enhances the visual experience of the game​​.

With the upcoming beta, PS5 players will get a first-hand look at how Valorant plays on consoles. This is an exciting development for the Valorant community and a significant step in expanding the game’s player base. As Riot Games continues to develop and refine Valorant for consoles, players can look forward to more updates and features that will enhance their gaming experience.