Elon Musk’s Big Decision: A Major Feature Will Disappear from X

Elon Musk's Big Decision: A Major Feature Will Disappear from X
Elon Musk’s Big Decision: A Major Feature Will Disappear from X

May 24, 2024 – Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform X, has made a significant decision. A feature on the platform that users are accustomed to is about to be completely removed. Let’s dive into the details of this change.

X Introduces New Features:

X, formerly known as Twitter, frequently introduces new features for its users. Once again, Elon Musk is bringing a new feature to X. This change will result in the complete removal of a specific feature that has been integral to the platform.

What is this new feature?

Elon Musk is preparing for a major change on the X platform. Soon, the number of likes on posts will no longer be visible. Currently, on X, users can see the count of likes and views on any post. However, this feature will soon be discontinued. The company has shared this information with its users, hinting that this change is similar to a feature available on YouTube.

For your information, YouTube allows users to make their likes private. Now, this change is coming to X as well. Although the exact date of this change has not been disclosed, it is clear that users currently do not have an option to hide their likes on X.

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Haofei Wang, the Director of Engineering at X, provided details about this new feature. If the option to hide likes becomes available, it means that only the user who posted will know how many likes their post has received. This aligns with X’s plan to make likes private.

Elon Musk’s Other Changes to X:

In addition to this feature, Elon Musk has also decided to eliminate the URL twitter.com. Previously, visiting twitter.com would redirect users to X, but now only X.com will be used.

Impact on Users:

The removal of the visible like count is expected to have various impacts on users. Some may appreciate the increased privacy and reduced pressure to gain likes. This change could lead to more authentic interactions on the platform, as users may focus more on the content rather than its popularity.

User Reactions:

Reactions to this announcement have been mixed. Some users welcome the change, believing it will reduce the competitive nature of social media. Others, however, feel that the visible like count is a crucial aspect of social validation and engagement on the platform.

Future of X:

This decision by Elon Musk reflects his ongoing efforts to transform and innovate X. By making likes private, Musk is steering the platform towards a more user-centric approach, potentially setting a new trend in social media interactions.

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