Massive Ban Wave Hits PUBG Mobile: Over 750,000 Accounts Suspended in a Week

Massive Ban Wave Hits PUBG Mobile: Over 750,000 Accounts Suspended in a Week
Massive Ban Wave Hits PUBG Mobile: Over 750,000 Accounts Suspended in a Week (Image via: @PUBGMOBILE X Handle)

On June 2, 2024, PUBG Mobile announced via Twitter that it had permanently suspended 750,154 accounts and 10,780 devices from May 24 to May 30, 2024. This significant action is part of the game’s ongoing efforts to combat cheating and maintain a fair playing environment for its users.

PUBG Mobile’s anti-cheat team also reported the removal of 944 online cheat advertisements, which collectively had 800,126 followers and views during this period. This is part of the broader strategy to curb the availability and dissemination of cheating tools.

PUBG Mobile, developed by Krafton, has been dealing with cheating issues since its inception. Cheaters often use illegal software to gain unfair advantages, significantly impacting the gaming experience for honest players. To address this, Krafton has been employing various anti-cheat measures, including the use of AI and machine learning models to detect and ban cheaters more effectively.

The game’s anti-cheat team identifies and bans between 60,000 to 100,000 accounts weekly. The new AI models help in analyzing and tracking accounts that exhibit cheating behavior. This technology is particularly focused on two types of accounts: hijacked accounts and those exploiting the Survival Mastery Level system. Hijacked accounts are legitimate accounts taken over by cheaters, while the latter are new accounts artificially boosted to qualify for ranked matches​​.

Krafton’s machine learning model, introduced this year, has expanded the criteria for detecting disruptive accounts, leading to a threefold increase in bans. This enhanced system has not only improved detection accuracy but also helped in reducing the number of account vendors and increasing the prices of cheating accounts. This suggests that producing and maintaining cheating accounts has become more challenging for hackers​​.

PUBG Mobile’s ongoing battle against cheaters is critical for its large player base. The game, which supports several esports leagues and tournaments, requires a level playing field to maintain its competitive integrity. The recent ban wave is a testament to Krafton’s commitment to ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players​​.

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Despite these efforts, the fight against cheating is far from over. Krafton continues to refine its anti-cheat measures and encourages players to secure their accounts, such as using the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. The community’s support is crucial in reporting suspicious activities and adhering to fair play guidelines.