Massive Discount on Back 4 Blood in Steam Spotlight Deal

Massive Discount on Back 4 Blood in Steam Spotlight Deal
Massive Discount on Back 4 Blood in Steam Spotlight Deal (Image via: @Steam X Handle)

June 18, 2024 – Steam has announced a huge discount on the popular co-op zombie shooter game, Back 4 Blood. The game is now available at 90% off, making it a perfect opportunity for fans of the genre to add it to their collection. This significant discount drops the price to just $5.99 USD, or £4.99 GBP, as part of the ongoing Steam Spring Sale​​.

Back 4 Blood, developed by Turtle Rock Studios, features intense cooperative gameplay where players team up to battle against hordes of zombies. The game was created by some of the developers behind the renowned Left 4 Dead series, and it shows through its engaging gameplay and dynamic difficulty adjustments that keep players on their toes.

The game offers a rich experience with a variety of characters and missions. Players can choose from a cast of unique characters, each with their own abilities, to fight through a range of challenging scenarios. One notable feature of Back 4 Blood is its “game director,” which dynamically adjusts the game’s difficulty based on the players’ performance. This ensures a challenging yet rewarding experience for all skill levels​.

In addition to the base game, several expansions are also on sale. The expansions include Tunnels of Terror and River of Blood, which introduce new areas, weapons, and characters. These expansions are available at an 80% discount if purchased individually, or they can be bundled with the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass for just $3.99 USD, or £3.49 GBP​​.

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While the game no longer receives updates, it remains a highly enjoyable co-op experience, especially when played with friends. This sale presents an excellent opportunity for those who haven’t tried Back 4 Blood yet, as well as for fans looking to complete their collection with the expansions​.

Back 4 Blood has been praised for its thrilling gameplay and the strategic depth it brings to the zombie shooter genre. Despite its lack of recent updates, the game continues to attract players with its exciting cooperative missions and diverse character roster.

For those who are PC Game Pass subscribers, Back 4 Blood is already included in their subscription, but the expansions are not. This sale might be the perfect time for them to get the complete experience by purchasing the discounted Annual Pass​.

This Steam Spotlight Deal is a limited-time offer, so interested players should act quickly to take advantage of this substantial discount. Whether you’re a longtime fan of zombie games or new to the genre, Back 4 Blood’s current price makes it an irresistible deal.

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