New Upgradable Gun in PUBG Mobile’s Latest Royale Pass

New Upgradable Gun in PUBG Mobile's Latest Royale Pass
New Upgradable Gun in PUBG Mobile’s Latest Royale Pass [Image via: PUBG MOBILE X Handle]

PUBG Mobile has released an exciting update for its players with the introduction of the Nightscape Gladiator – PP-19 Bizon. This new upgradable firearm is part of the highly anticipated Royale Pass Ace 7, which is available now. Players can access this stylish and powerful weapon as they progress through the Royale Pass, adding an edge to their gameplay.

The Royale Pass Ace 7, also known as RP A7, includes numerous rewards for players as they advance through its 100 levels. The PP-19 Bizon, featured prominently in this update, offers an upgradeable skin that enhances its appearance and performance. The pass also includes other futuristic-themed items such as the Nightscape Gladiator Set at level 100, along with other weapon skins, outfits, and emotes​ .

The PP-19 Bizon is a Russian submachine gun known for its high magazine capacity and stability. It uses 9MM ammunition and can hold up to 53 rounds per magazine, making it ideal for close to mid-range combat. Despite its lower damage per shot compared to other SMGs, its high firing rate and reduced recoil make it a favorite among players for quick, accurate engagements​​.

The Royale Pass Ace 7 brings more than just the Bizon upgrade. Players can earn a variety of rewards, including vehicle skins, new outfits, and other weapon skins. The pass is available in two versions: the standard version, which costs 360 UC for the first 50 levels, and the Elite Pass, which provides more exclusive rewards for 960 UC​ ​.

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The Royale Pass Ace 7 theme follows a cyberpunk aesthetic, with sleek, futuristic designs for the rewards. Players can look forward to unlocking items like the Nightscape Gladiator Strider and Bio Scout Set early in the pass, with more impressive items like the Phono Tempo Vector and Techwalker Set appearing as they progress​.

Players can participate in various missions to earn RP points and advance through the levels of the Royale Pass. The update also brings new challenges and events that keep the game exciting and engaging. By completing these missions, players can unlock both free and premium rewards, depending on their pass type.

This update is part of PUBG Mobile’s ongoing effort to keep the game fresh and exciting for its player base. The addition of upgradable weapons like the Nightscape Gladiator – PP-19 Bizon shows the game’s commitment to providing new content and customization options that enhance the overall player experience.

For more details and to purchase the Royale Pass Ace 7, players can visit the official PUBG Mobile website or check out the in-game store. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, this latest update offers something for everyone, making it a great time to jump into the action and gear up in style. Additional Information

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