PUBG Mobile Introduces New Gilt Set – Bloodstained Nemesis

PUBG Mobile Introduces New Gilt Set - Bloodstained Nemesis
PUBG Mobile Introduces New Gilt Set – Bloodstained Nemesis (Image via: PUBG MOBILE X Handle)

May 26, 2024 – PUBG Mobile has unveiled its latest in-game offering, the Gilt Set – Bloodstained Nemesis, available for a limited time. This new set brings a fresh and exciting experience for players, featuring unique customization options and the new Gilt Set Mechanic Bond system. This system allows players to mix and match their Gilt Sets, providing a personalized and enhanced gameplay experience.

The Bloodstained Nemesis set includes various exclusive items that enhance the player’s in-game appearance and performance. Notable items in the set are the Fatal Foil – QBZ, an upgradable firearm, and the Bloodstained Nemesis SCAR-L, adding a layer of excitement for weapon enthusiasts.

Event Details and Availability

The Gilt Set event started on May 24, 2024, and will run for a limited period. During this event, players can acquire exclusive items by opening special crates available in the game. These crates can be purchased using Unknown Cash (UC), the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile. The first spin costs 10 UCs, with subsequent spins priced at 60 UCs each. Additionally, a bundle of ten spins is available for 540 UCs, though prices may vary by region​​.

How to Obtain the New Items

Players can participate in the event by purchasing and opening the special crates, each offering a chance to drop items from the Gilt Set. For those seeking a more certain way to acquire these items, PUBG Mobile provides a Gem Exchange option. Players can collect Electro Gems through event participation and use them to purchase desired items directly. For instance, the Foxy Flare Set requires six Electro Gems, while the Fatal Foil – QBZ costs three Electro Gems​ .

Additional Features

Alongside the Gilt Set, PUBG Mobile has introduced other themed items and sets, such as the Boxerbolt Ultimate Set. These additions include unique skins for weapons, vehicles, and player outfits, enhancing the game’s customization options. The new items and sets keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for the PUBG Mobile community​​.

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