How to Fix Polymer Not Showing Up in Palworld

How to Fix Polymer Not Showing Up in Palworld
How to Fix Polymer Not Showing Up in Palworld ( Image via: WoW Quests Youtube Channel)

In Palworld, a popular game, players often face an issue where Polymer, a crucial resource, doesn’t show up. This guide provides simple solutions to fix this problem.

Understanding the Polymer Issue

Polymer is used to craft important items like weapons and explosives in Palworld. However, many players report that Polymer is missing when they try to craft it. Here’s how to solve this problem.

Check the Requirements for Polymer

First, ensure you have reached Technology Level 33 and unlocked Polymer using Technology points. You can find it in the “Production Assembly Line 1” menu. You will also need High-Quality Pal Oil, which can be obtained by hunting specific Pals or buying from Wandering Merchants for 300 Gold each.

Rebuild the Production Assembly Line

Sometimes, the Production Assembly Line bugs out. Disassemble and rebuild it by entering the Build Menu and selecting Disassembly Mode.

Use the Correct Production Assembly Line

Make sure you’re using the correct assembly line. The game has two different benches called “Production Assembly Line 2”. Use the one that unlocks at level 32, which can make Carbon Fiber, Circuit Boards, and Polymers. You also need a Power Generator and an electric-type Pal like Sparkit.

Additional Tips

Ensure you have Pals with the Handiwork Suitability to craft items like Polymer and Circuit Boards. If these solutions don’t work, check forums and the game’s roadmap for updates on bugs and fixes.

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These methods should help you fix the Polymer issue in Palworld and continue your crafting adventures smoothly.