PlayStation Announces Return of Days of Play with Major Discounts

PlayStation Announces Return of Days of Play with Major Discounts
PlayStation Announces Return of Days of Play with Major Discounts (Image via: PlayStation X Handle)

Sony has announced the return of its popular annual promotion, Days of Play. This event, starting on May 29, 2024, and running until June 12, 2024, promises a range of discounts and special offers on PlayStation products and services.

What to Expect During Days of Play 2024

This year’s Days of Play will feature significant discounts on a variety of PlayStation products. Notably, all tiers of PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be available at a 25% discount. This offer applies to both new and existing subscribers. If you have been considering upgrading your subscription, now is the perfect time.

In addition to subscription discounts, there will be price cuts on several PlayStation hardware items. The PS5 Slim disc and digital consoles will be reduced by 50 euros, making them more affordable for those looking to upgrade their gaming setup. The PS VR2 will see a price drop of 100 euros, enhancing accessibility to virtual reality gaming. DualSense controllers, excluding the Edge variant, will be priced at 50 euros​.

Special Offers on Games and Accessories

During the promotion, the PlayStation Store will also feature discounts on a wide range of games. This is a great opportunity for gamers to expand their libraries with titles they have been eyeing. Whether you are into action, adventure, or sports games, there will likely be something for everyone​.

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The Days of Play promotion also extends to PlayStation Gear and participating retailers. This means fans can expect deals on gaming accessories, merchandise, and more. The event is designed to reward the PlayStation community with savings on both digital and physical products​​.

Possible Coincidence with a Major PlayStation Event

Interestingly, the Days of Play 2024 may coincide with a major PlayStation event. Rumors suggest that Sony could be planning a showcase or a State of Play around the same time as the promotion. Such an event would typically feature announcements of new games, updates on upcoming titles, and other exciting news for PlayStation fans​​.

Beyond discounts, Days of Play is also known for engaging the PlayStation community with various activities. These might include in-game events, challenges, and opportunities to earn exclusive rewards. These activities are designed to bring players together and celebrate their shared passion for gaming.

How to Make the Most of Days of Play

To take full advantage of Days of Play, be sure to visit the official PlayStation website and the PlayStation Store regularly throughout the promotion period. Deals can vary and some may be time-sensitive, so it’s a good idea to act quickly if you see something you want. Additionally, keeping an eye on PlayStation’s social media channels can help you stay informed about the latest offers and announcements.

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For more detailed information on the discounts and activities available during Days of Play, you can visit the official PlayStation blog or the dedicated Days of Play webpage. This annual event is a fantastic opportunity for both new and veteran PlayStation users to enhance their gaming experience without breaking the bank​​.

This year’s Days of Play is shaping up to be one of the best yet, with substantial discounts and a possible major event on the horizon. Whether you are looking to upgrade your hardware, expand your game library, or simply enjoy the benefits of a PlayStation Plus subscription, there is something for everyone in this year’s promotion.